School Lunch Alternative Choices

School Lunch Alternative Choices

Li Chen, Staff

Students complain about school lunch because it doesn’t fill up their stomach, taste good, or seem healthy. Because of this, students bring lunch to school instead of eating the school lunch. 

Many students pack lunch for school. Some favorites include peanut butter sandwiches, salads, chips, and anything else they would like to eat for lunch. 

School lunch can be better than packed lunch at times because it saves more time to just get lunch at school than wake up early in the morning to pack lunch. Also, if you are a family that can get reduced lunch it will be cheaper to buy lunch than packing food. 

“I eat school lunch every day and I would prefer pack lunch because school food is disgusting and the food doesn’t taste good,” freshmen Lai Za commented. “The school can improve the food by spending more money on getting the fresh food compared to the quickly made less healthy food.” 

School lunch might be more convenient than packed lunch, but a packed lunch has more of a selection, and students can bring whatever they would like for lunch; school lunch only offers a couple choices, and it might not be what you want to eat. 

“I don’t eat school lunch often; if the lunch had better taste students wouldn’t complain about it or even dislike that they have to eat it for lunch,” freshmen Eric Meza said.  

For the students who are a normal lunch packer, their parents would have to get up earlier or go to the grocery store often so they won’t run out of lunch supplies for their kids. 

“I pack lunch for school on a daily basis, I normally pack a peanut butter jelly sandwich, chicken nuggets, and a Capri Sun,” freshmen Chris Atkinson stated. “I don’t like school lunch because I have more of a selection if I pack my own food instead of getting the school lunches.”