The Class Skipping Disease

The Class Skipping Disease

Li Chen, Staff

Students skipping class is an issue for every high school, and CHS is no different. Even though students face consequences and failing grades, they still do it. The reasons are as different as the students themselves.  

One reason students skip class is that they feel like that class is not very important to them. Sometimes, they only want to hang out with their friends instead of going to class, and do not care, at least at that moment, about their education. Some other reasons for skipping class is peer pressure, not liking the teacher and just want to leave class. 

“I don’t skip class, but I know people who do skip class like geometry or science because the classes to them are complicated, and they don’t want to do work in a particular class,” freshman Eric Meza explained. 

Students missing class time could lead to several consequences like them not understanding what they’re supposed to be learning in class, or having a lot of makeup work to do at home due to missing out class time. 

The problems with this behavior are many. Teachers might believe that the students themselves are lazy or are waking up late every day.   

“If you get caught skipping class you can get after school detentions, even worse you could get suspended. Skipping Gt classes are the worst because in those classes the teacher has a higher expectation for students than standard or honor students,” freshman Neimone Gully said.  

A way of stopping students from skipping class is have an administrator come in to class and have them give a speech about skipping class and try, to pursue students to not. skip class. Also, teachers could be stricter on letting students out of class and only let them leave if they have a good enough reason to get out the class.  

“I do have students who skip my class but not a lot and the only people who skips my class do it very often and skip other teacher’s classes, too. I get very annoyed at them skipping. I can choose if I want to give them the makeup work just like how they can choose if they’re going to skip my class or not,” American Government teacher Kasey Petroff said. “Possible punishment in my opinion are phone call home, after school detention, not giving them extra time to review. Students should know not to skip class and if they do skip then they should expect to be punished for their actions.”