‘Grease’ is the Word!


Dexter Weinkam, Staff

CHS always puts on a well-known musical and this year the classic musical Grease was the word! English teacher Lauren Gill and music teacher Jim Walker directed the show which had performances on March 3 and 5. A Friday show was cancelled due to school closures, and rescheduled for the following Monday. 

Both were sold out performances. The play ran smoothly with a few real stand-out actors in a high-energy cast.  

The two main characters of the musical are played by Lydia Newman as Sandy and Timothy Huynh as Danny Zuko–both did a phenomenal job with the biggest roles in the musical. Both showed great emotion in their performances and the audience could really feel how much they cared, giving you vibes of the original movie. 

The musical did not lack talent in any way. Every character showed confidence and pride in what they were doing. One of the biggest standouts was the Teen Angel who is known for his scene in the Burger Palace with his soft voice and great vocals. Sophomore Jalen Cook, who played the Teen Angel, blew the crowd away with his voice. This was one of the hardest roles to play because of the range you would have to make your voice go was insane. 

During the “big dance” scene, rock star Johnny Casino was played by sophomore Travis Reid. Reid played the guitar while singing and showed he was up to the challenge and pressure. He commanded the stage and was very underrated part of the musical. 

You can’t forget about the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds, who really showed their roles by giving us an accurate yet unique performance of their characters. Rizzo, played by Elisabeth Wall, and Kenickie, played by Peter Juengst, really showed out during the musical. They both progressed as characters as the musical continued showing raw emotion and a powerful message to the audience.  

Even the smallest roles contributed. All the Burger Palace workers and the extras at the dance really worked hard during it all. The extras dancing for 15 minutes straight without stopping really set the scene for the dance and really pulled everything together. 

Of course, not everything was perfect the occasional sound issue was possible the only thing that I could say bad about the production. The sound systems are not up to par so, you can’t really blame anyone for that it is what it is. Overall the performance was a good one and very impressive for a high school musical.