Senior Interviews Prepare Students For the Future


Stefana Avara, Staff

On Thursday, March 23, CHS hosted over 20 local business men and women for its annual Senior Interview Day. From engineers and social workers, to law enforcement and architects, interviewers offered CHS students the opportunity to learn from experienced workers.

For their interviews, seniors had to wear professional, business-attire and provide a copy of their cover letter and resume to their interviewer.

“It was so nice to see everyone so dressed up! My interviewer was so friendly and she agreed that it was nice to see the senior class look so spiffy. This was such a great experience,” said senior Brittany Stevens.

Although many seniors were nervous for their interviews, the majority of the senior class seems to agree that this experience helped them feel more prepared to be on their own next year.

“My interview feels like a blur; I was so nervous about what questions they would ask. I want to go into engineering, and my interviewer gave me some good tips on how to achieve my goals,” added senior Katie Souder, an aspiring aero-space engineer.

Souder’s nerves seemed to be a common quality among this year’s graduating class. When polled, 95% of students said they felt nervous as they headed into their interview.

“It was fascinating. I was so nervous at first, but my interviewer made me feel very comfortable,” said senior Parsa Rahman.

At the end of each meeting, the interviewer gave their senior student helpful critiques and offered suggestions for improvement in future interviews. Luis Alvarado appreciates the opportunity CHS gave him through their mandatory senior interviews.

“My interview flew by; by the time it was done I couldn’t believe 30 minutes went by. I think the experience bettered my personal skills. My mentor’s critiques helped me realize what I should focus on in future interviews,” said Alvarado.

Senior interviews have been taking place here at CHS for many years now. Administrator Eric Eiswert explained the administration’s reasoning behind the importance of senior interviews.

“Senior interviews are a good experience for the students to practice being prepared. It teaches them great personal skills, especially for future interviews with adults they do not know personally. This opportunity also helps our students who might not be attending college next fall. Some of our seniors will be entering the workforce and the practice interviews give them the life experiences they need to be prepared for that,” said Mr. Eiswert.

Senior Darrell Highsmith reflected on his interview.

“I never understood why the administration would  make senior interviews a graduation requirement. Looking back, I definitely feel more prepared for the real world; the experience was definitely useful,” he remarked.