New and Improved Comet Writing Center

“We always have tutors available and we always love to help!”


Stefana Avara, Staff

The CHS Comet Writing Center is making improvements to expand its outreach to broader spectrum of students. After last year’s successful pilot program with a mere eight tutors, the school decided to keep the program alive. These eight tutors conducted over 300 tutoring sessions with students in various grades and class levels. Now with over twenty tutors, the center wants to advertise the business and begin helping even more students.

Despite the previous year’s success, many teachers still do not know the real purpose of the CWC.

“I guess the writing center edits the papers and makes revisions for the students, right?” questioned social studies teacher Joel Brusewitz.

When informed that the CWC strives to help students become better writers, not to produce better writing, many teachers were pleasantly surprised.

“Here at the Writing Center, we want to help students understand the errors in their papers, and we want to help them be able to correct these errors on their own later down the line,” said writing center tutor Nolan Bennett.

The staff over at the writing center hopes that clarifying their goals will help attract more students and gain more support from teachers.

“I had no idea that the Writing Center worked like that. It’s really awesome, and my students would definitely benefit from that type of help, ” said social studies chair Courtney Fleming.

Not all teachers feel like the Writing Center would benefit their students since they don’t do too much writing outside of class.

Mr. Brusewitz pointed out that the Writing Center might be more beneficial to English class students.

“My classes don’t usually involve too many writing assignments outside of class time,” he explained. The only outside writing assignments he could think of would be writing opening statements for the mock trials his students simulate during Juvenile Justice.

A few English teachers love the CWC and often refer students to go get help from the peer tutors. English teachers including Grade 11 and 12 English teacher Greg Hill even offer re-do opportunities if his students go in for help.

“We always have tutors available and we always love to help! I wish more students knew about us… the tutors plan on going around to English and Social Studies classes to advertise within the next few weeks!” said senior tutor Kate Rush.

This year, the Writing Center is trying to make a bigger, more memorable name for itself. The center is open for tutoring during all lunches on B days and after school from 2:15 to 3:15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. It is located in rooms 321 and 322. Students can sign up on the computer lab doors at Room 321 or see Dr. Adriane Stewart in Room 322 for more details.