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2018-2019 Staff

Brandon Pryor

My name is Brandon Pryor, and I am a junior at Catonsville High School. I enjoy collecting vintage technology, records, and I love playing guitar. I am also a dog person, as I have a German Shepherd/Black...

Samantha Meek

Hi. My name is Samantha Meek. I'm  a junior in Catonsville High. I love reading, coloring, and riding horses. Glad to be back doing the Catonsville paper.

Nick Lorensen

Hi, I'm Nick! I am a senior, and this is my second year in this class. I am a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan and big UMBC Athletics supporter. I run Retrievers.MBB on Instagram and have an athletic Internship...

Beth Wolde

Hi I’m Beth, a sophomore at Catonsville High School. I like art, and this is my first year taking journalism.

Savanna Loverde

Hi, I'm Savanna, and I'm a sophomore here at CHS. This is my first year on the comet staff. I love to write, and I'm excited to be writing for The Comet this year!

Darius Walters

Hi, I'm Darius. I am a senior at CHS. I love music and media analytics.

Isaiah Smith

I. Smith 10 grade(sophomore) at CHS In my first year journalism Ms. Coates 3A

Ashley Metzbower

Hi, I'm Ashley Metzbower, and I'm a sophomore here at Catonsville. I enjoy writing and I'm excited to be able to do so in the school newspaper!

Maia Adeoye

Buenas dias! I'm Maia, I'm a sophomore here at CHS. This is my first year in Journalism, and I already love it so much! I love to dance, sing, act and write. I write so much! I hope you enjoy my writings...

Emelie Ingle

I'm a freshman on the staff of the CHS Comet. I'm excited to be writing articles this year!

Sarah Buchman

Hi, I'm Sarah, a freshman here at CHS. I'm so excited to be writing for The Comet!

Bineta Lo

HEEEEEELLO, my name's Bineta! I like food and candy corn. I don't why people don’t like candy corn. It tastes great.

Zayd Zaghari

My name is Zayd Zaghari, and I am a junior at Catonsville High School.

Mona Kessy

Hi, I'm Mona (Mona Lisa) and I'm a junior.  I like writing for the school newspaper, but I like food more.

Ben Hall

Hi I am Ben Hall. I am in the class of 2019 at Catonsville High. This is my second year in on The Comet staff. My main interest to write about sports.

Cameron McHugh

My name is Cameron McHugh, and this is my third consecutive year writing for the Comet. My articles primarily focus on sports in and around school, however occasionally I will branch out to other styles....

Adam Carroll

Hi, my name's Adam, and I'm currently a junior. This is my second year writing for the Comet and, in my spare time, I love keeping up with sports  and politics.

Li Chen

Hi, my name is Li Chen, and I'm a sophomore. I like to play basketball and mountain bike as a hobby.

Noor Raza

This is my bio. Good bye-o.

Vicki Zhang

Hi I am a junior, and I like to dance. I really like food and chickens.

Jack Corcoran

Hi! My name is Jack Corcoran, and I'm a senior here at CHS. This is my fourth year here, so obviously newspaper is a blast! With more experience now, I hope to write better, more varied articles. Some...

Eden Beyene

Hi, I'm Eden! I am a 12th grader in CHS. I enjoy reading and writing which is why I joined journalism. In my free time, I enjoy reading and talking with friends. I like to make my stories as interesting...

Katrina Bucher

Hi, I'm Katrina Bucher, a senior here at CHS. I love to play softball, golf, and hang out with my friends. I'm really happy to be writing for the school newspaper again. I hope you enjoy!

Jami Citko

Living simultaneously in the world and in the Twilight Zone

Rayner Reinhardt

My name's Rayner Reinhardt, and I'm a senior at CHS. I'm really excited to be returning to the Comet staff and keep up with the school's news!

Jakob Decker

You just read my bio

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