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2016-2017 Staff

Ray Minor


Hi my name is Ray and I'm part of the Comet Staff. I am hoping to be posting a lot of stories.

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Emma Meacham


I'm Emma and I'm a sophomore at Catonsville. I want to be in a world where everyone watches Netflix all day, wears sweatpants constantly, and drinks coffee like its water.

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Rediet Girma


Hey, My name is Rediet Girma . I plan on cheering for basketball this season, and I love Chick Fil a.

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Lauryl Thomas


Hi, I'm Lauryl. I'm a sophomore, and I play soccer.

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Marlin Moore


  Hey, I'm Marlin Moore, Class of 2017.I play varsity basketball for our school and plan on being in the NBA one day.  

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Riley Becker


Hey, I'm Riley, and this is my first year writing for the CHS newspaper. I'm a sophomore on the soccer team, and I also like art and music.

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Chase Linsenmeyer


I'm a sophomore, I play lacrosse, and I like the color green.    

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Karin Jones


Hey I'm Karin! I like to express my creativity through writing and dancing.

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Stefana Avara


Three-season athlete and aspiring broadcast journalist.  

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Arion Peterson


Hey!! I'm Arion (are-ree-on) or Ari. I'm a sophomore at CHS and love to be creative and through writing I can express my creativity.  I love makeup, fashion, and singing!

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Van Hmung


I'm a sophomore student. I like to play soccer, and I'm in the JV soccer team. I also like to sing and sleep.

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Nicole Gunderson


Hey! I'm Nicole, and I'm a sophomore here at CHS.  I dye my hair a lot and I like music.  My life is consumed by the fact that I joined the Steel Drum Band :)

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Alex Green


Hello, I'm Alex. I play basketball and love Beyoncé.

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Celia Sterrn

Student Writer

I am a ninth grader from Montgomery County. This the first time I've contributed to a school newspaper.

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Sarah Westrick


Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm a junior at CHS. I enjoy reading and writing and I dance outside of school. This is my first year on the newspaper and I'm excited to get started.

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Emme Shifflett


I'm Emme, and I'm a sophomore here at CHS. I'm on the volleyball team and enjoy dancing out of school. I am now part of the CHS newspaper.

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Lucas Huie


Greetings! My name is Lucas Huie, I am a sophomore and I enjoy talking to people and interviewing.  I have always wanted to use my good speaking abilities as a profession.  To pursue this dream I decided...

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Rose Benny


Hey, my name is Rose, and I'm a sophomore. I enjoy reading and writing which is why I joined journalism.    

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Noor Raza


I'm a sophomore at CHS and I enjoy writing. Eating is a must for survival and happiness. Take a selfie :)

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Marlin Moore


Hey, I'm Marlin Moore. I'm a senior here at CHS. I play varsity basketball and plan on playing lacrosse this year. I enjoy hanging out with friends and eating good food. My biggest goal right now is to...

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McKensey Kleppin


Hi, I'm McKensey.I'm a sophomore. It's my first year on the Catonsville Comet staff, and I'm really enjoying it so far! I like long walks to the fridge and Netflix marathons, especially 'Friends' and...

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Patrick Brennan


Hi, I'm Patrick Brennan, I am a sophomore, and a staff member the school news. Along with all of that, I am a cancer survivor. My main interests are sports and history. Both have been greatly change by...

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Vicki Zhang


Hi I am a sophomore and I like to dance.

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Jack Corcoran


Hi! I'm Jack Corcoran, and I am a freshman here at Catonsville High School. I decided to take this class because I really enjoy writing, and I've been around the newspaper a lot (my mom's the teacher),...

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Brendan Pappas


My name is Brendan Pappas. For over three years I've wanted to write action novels and direct movies for a career. I follow the NFL as well as anybody (#BaltimoreRavensForLife) and love Marvel movies (Deadpool...

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Maddie Clarke


My name is Maddie, and I look like the girl from the movie Brave.

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Jami Citko


Hey! I'm Jami and I'm in tenth grade. I joined the newspaper last year because writing is my passion. Journalism is really fun and has definitely improved my writing skills. I also enjoy reading, drawing,...

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Ben Corcoran


I am a senior at CHS. I started working with The Comet during my freshman year, where I mostly wrote reviews. In my junior and senior years, I have drifted more into design. I am responsible for maintaining...

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