Is Justin Tucker the Best Kicker in the NFL?


Jack Morgan, Staff

There have been many kickers throughout the duration of the NFL’s existence, and countless field goals, extra points, and kickoffs made in the past. But in terms of today, the modern era of football, it is more competitive and aggressive than ever. There is a constant push and motivation to get to the top. So, then rests the question: Who is the best kicker in the NFL? Well, the answer to that is, quite obviously, Justin Tucker. 

Based on Tucker’s current 2019-20 season’s stats alone, he has 22 field goals made of 23 attempts (96% accuracy). His longest successful attempt was a 51-yard field goal earlier this season. Tucker has exceeded the expectations of most sports networks and their predictions of his success. Multiple sources have stated that his streak will end soon due to his position of the #1 position for so long. 

Former NFL kicker Jan Stenerud, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1991, states, “Justin is spectacular. He’s the best in the NFL today, and if you’re the best in the NFL today, you’re one of the best of all time.” He continued with his praise, saying “I bet if he kicked back (in our day), he’d be right up there with the best.” Not only does Stenerud believe in Tucker’s capabilities in this modern era of football, but he also believes that Tucker would have been elite in any period in the NFL. He also stated that he doesn’t like to compare Tucker to kickers rom the past, as the rules of the game are constantly changing, but he truly does believe that Tucker’s abilities to play the game are more pristine than every kicker out there today. 

There are other kickers that have come very close to Tucker’s success, including Adam Vinatieri, Matt Prater, George Blanda, and Stephen Gostkowski. What separates Justin Tucker from these famous kickers is his overall career stats and records. Tucker has set multiple records, including being the first kicker to kick a field goal in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s in one game. He has also made a 61-yard field goal in a domed stadium, making it the longest kick in a stadium of that type. Tucker was even elected to his first Pro Bowl to end his 2013 season, at the end of his rookie season. Justin Tucker is officially declared the most accurate kicker in football history. 

Justin Tucker’s legacy for the Ravens has been etched in stone, so to speak, as his career has set the bar to the highest it can get. He may have a few more records to break, but he is sure to have a few more tricks up his sleeve.