Case for Roberts Making the Hall of Fame


Cameron McHugh, Staff

In mid-November, longtime Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts was placed on the ballot for induction into the 2020 National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Roberts played for the Orioles for 13 years, and one season with the Yankees, before calling it quits in 2014. Roberts joins the likes of Sammy Sosa and Curt Schilling on this year’s ballot, both of whom played for the Birds for very short stints, but Roberts would be the only one out of them to go in as an Oriole. This year marks Roberts’ first attempt at election to the Hall, and he is a presumed longshot to be elected. 

Does Brian Roberts deserve to make it into the Hall of Fame? 

To get into the Hall, a player needs to be removed from the league for five years and then be elected on the ballot by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America; he will need 75% of the BBWAA’s vote on Election Day. Many more talented ballplayers stand in the way of Roberts. Other players in his class include Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa, among many others who could be ahead of Roberts. 

Roberts’ career stats are not as incredible as the average Hall of Famer. Roberts finished his career with 97 home runs, 1527 hits, 542 RBI, a batting average of .276, and 285 stolen bases. Roberts’ WAR (Wins Above Replacement) is less than half of what the average Hall of Fame second baseman’s is, and his other stats don’t help his cause either. 

According to, Roberts’ career stats compare well with Adam Kennedy, Yunel Escobar, and Marco Scutaro; none of them are in the Hall of Fame. While Brian Roberts is already an Orioles HOFer, but it will take a miracle for him to make the national hall.  

Roberts got into the Orioles Hall of Fame just last year, alongside longtime radio broadcaster Fred Manfra. His sights are now bigger, of course, as he aims to gain entry into the most prestigious club in baseball. 

Hall of Fame voting results will be released on January 21st on MLB Network.