Lamar Isn’t a RB


Cameron McHugh, Staff

No matter how bad close-minded NFL fans want it to be true, it is not. Lamar Demeatrice Jackson, QUARTERBACK of the Baltimore Ravens, is indeed not a running back. 

So far through eight games this season, Jackson has been able to pass for 1813 yards, 12 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. Lamar has also shown his ability to be a dual threat player as he currently has 637 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. Jackson has firmly cemented his place in the MVP race as well. 

The Ravens are currently sitting at 6-2, and, if it were not Lamar Jackson at the helm, they would likely be faring much worse. Jackson is a revolutionary player. The league has never ever seen someone like him. The closest player to Jackson in NFL history is Michael Vick; however, many football scouts and analysts say that Jackson is already better than Vick ever was. Vick was incredible in both his time at Virginia Tech in college as well as with the Falcons or Eagles. 

Starting with the first game of the year against the Dolphins, Jackson was able to show his arm strength by hitting Marquise “Hollywood” Brown on an 83-yard touchdown pass. Hollywood and Lamar have shown a great connection through the first half of the season. Both players are from southern Florida and have known each other for years.  

Other players on the team have also had kind words towards Jackson. Ravens Safety Earl Thomas said in a postgame interview that “Lamar played MVP-type football,” and that the team’s success “starts with Lamar.” At the moment, the MVP conversation has been narrowed down to Lamar, Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson, and Panthers’ RB Christian McCaffery.  

The Ravens have put the league on notice by taking care of business against the Patriots in Week 9. With a second year QB running the offense, and with Jackson having the ability to grow even more as an athlete and a passer, who knows where this team could go.