VolleyComets: Catonsville’s Inagural Boys Volleyball Team


Nick Lorensen, Staff

For decades, CHS students have wanted a men’s volleyball team. Other local schools in the area such as Mount Saint Joseph’s and Calvert Hall both have men’s volleyball teams, so the volleyballloving students of CHS wondered “Why Not Us?”.  

 The dream of volleyball on Bloomsbury Avenue has been one of seniors Michael Wood and Owen Hayes since middle school. It became even more realistic during freshman year though, when they found other interested students. 

“Freshman year we really wanted to make a team and playbut we never really organized it. Then Henry really got it going, and there was a lot of interest,” said Wood. 

Henry Horch is the “team captain. Over the summer, he set up the team and their practices at the CCBC Sand Courts. Right away he appointed fellow seniors Rohan Akundi and Hayes as the head coaches. 

“I saw the formation of a men’s volleyball team and knew I had to be a part of it,” explained Hayes. 

The team consisted of an only upper classmen including juniors Noah Waltz, Ravi Hafiz, and Khase Johnston, and seniors Henry Horch, Anza Khan, Chase Berry, Jonathan Sardin, Grant Nyland and Tyler Ebersole. 

 On a Monday halfway through September, they found their first foe…. the Catonsville girls’ volleyball team.  

“Prior to the game, I bought a whistle and eight clipboards from Walmart to be official,” said Hayes. 

 All 8 of those clipboards ended up being snapped in half by the end of the game though. 

Opening hit was at 3:30 pm and all the hard work was finally about to show. Decked out in ripped white t-shirts, the boys lost the first two sets. They would then come back roaring to tie it up at two sets a piece. The girls won the last set 19-17, to hand the Volley Comets their first result. 

 “We headed back to the locker room pretty bummed as per any team would after a loss, but we instantly realized how good the varsity girls’ team was,” Akundi explained. 

 The VolleyComets will hopefully be a Catonsville High School staple for years to come. Their next match is scheduled for Wednesday, November 6.