Mike Locksley: For Better or Worse?


Cameron McHugh, Staff

Prior to this season, the University of Maryland, College Park announced that the former Maryland and Alabama offensive coordinator would be taking the reigns as head coach. Locksley was expected to heavily improve recruiting in the area, as he has lived in the DMV for decades. Locksley also has over 20 total years of NCAA coaching experience but has not been very successful. As a head coach, his record is 6-36, including starting this season 3-5 (1-4 in Big 10). 

So, the question is; was hiring Mike Locksley a good decision for the future of Maryland football? 

So far this season, Maryland football has been the most bipolar team in college football. After starting out by dominating both Howard and #21 Syracuse, the team seemed to fall off a cliff by losing to Temple. Mike Locksley’s team has gone on to lose 4 of their next 5 games, with 2 of them being blowouts. 

Locksley has been a great recruiter for the program, however. In his first offseason recruiting, Locksley was able to bring in three 4-star recruits including QB Lance LeGendre out of New Orleans, LA. LeGendre will likely not start for another year or two, but fans have great reason to be excited. Eight of Locksley’s 18 recruits came from the DMV area (D.C., Maryland and Virginia), showing great promise for the future, as the DMV is a hotbed for football recruits. 

The Terps players seem to embrace Locksley as a coach as well. Many of them had known him for years prior to his becoming head coach and are now cherishing the opportunity to play for him. 

As Maryland’s football program finishes out this season, they must look forward to not only next year, but the next few seasons to come, and decide whether or not Mike Locksley is a good fit to bring this team out from under the ashes of the past.