CHS Hosts First BCPS Allied Softball Tournament


Rayner Reinhardt, Staff

On May 7, 2018, CHS hosted the first end-of-season allied softball tournament. The Comet Turf housed 14 BCPS teams and almost 170 players.  

The allied softball program gives special ed students a chance to stay active and have fun. Special education teacher Alicia Brady and other student volunteers ran the event. 

Several volunteers helped with the tournament, including members of the varsity softball and baseball teams. Volunteers helped cheer players on, help get gear together, make outfield fences, and keep a positive attitude on the fields. 

“It was really cool to see all the teams and players. There was such a positive attitude on the field that I wish the varsity teams had sometimes,” sophomore softball player Deanna Delaney said.  

The teams had the option of a player pitching, an easy underhand toss, or a volunteer or coach could pitch. The batters also had the option of swinging at a pitch or hitting the ball from the tee.  

“I thought it was cool how they offered alternative ways for the players to play, so they made sure everyone got included, regardless of skill level,” freshman softball player Amber McDevitt said.  

The teams could be heard cheering their teams and the other teams on throughout the tournament.  

“I liked all the positive energy and encouragement from the players,” junior baseball player Cody Brick said.  

The CHS turf was transformed into four softball fields, each with home plate in a corner of the field. Each game was timed to keep the games moving quickly and efficiently.  

The tournament was sponsored by the Field of Dreams program, and Mrs. Alicia Brady of CHS worked to organize the event.  

“I know Mrs. Brady thought a lot about this because it was a first-time thing. But she worked all over the county to make this all-inclusive, and I think it turned out very well,” Delaney said.