CVGL Will RISE This Season


Stefana Avara, Staff

All of the members of the Catonsville Varsity Girl’s Lacrosse team have high hopes for making it to the state finals this May. From off-season Hasting’s training, to weekly pick-up games throughout the winter, the girls were prepared to start off the season going full force.

Coached by Cantey Bailey and Erin Shackleford, this year’s varsity girls lacrosse team consists of 18 players, seven of whom are seniors. After losing to Manchester Valley, Garrison Forrest, Century, and Hereford, the Lady Comets won their first game, defeating Perry Hall 16-6; the team also has victories against Franklin, Eastern Tech, Towson, Sparrows Point and Winters Mill.

“We definitely needed that that first win against Perry Hall. The team’s spirits were down and that win helped us pick our spirits up,” junior mid-fielder Leah Marshall explained. Marshall will play lacrosse at Iona College in the fall of 2018.

Following the win against Perry Hall, CVGL lost to Dulaney High School—a team they all hoped they would defeat.

“We wanted to win that game so badly. Our team played with more heart that game than we have ever played with before. Next time we play them, that game will be ours,” promised sophomore mid-fielder Maggie Marion. After graduating from CHS in 2019, Marion will play lacrosse at San Diego State University.

This year there are four senior captains: Madi Jones, Brittany Stevens, Kayla Wood, and Claire Pendleton. Other senior members include Ashlyn Cunningham, Stefana Avara, and Molly Miller.

“I wasn’t sure what it would be like dividing leadership among four different people. It’s honestly been great; no one captain has too many responsibilities and all of the seniors have stepped up, even non-captains,” said senior captain and defender Claire Pendleton.

Each year, the seniors come up with a motivational word to inspire the team thoughout the season. This year’s word: Rise.

“We decided on the word rise after our coach read the list of Baltimore County High School teams that should be watched this year. Essentially, it is a list of the teams who are predicted to have the most successful seasons. Catonsville didn’t make it on that list. So, we decided to rise above everyone’s expectations. This is our year,” explained senior captain and defender Madi Jones. Jones will play defense for the Shippensburg University women’s lacrosse team next Fall.

Despite losing seven seniors after this season, Coach Bailey has hope for the future of Catonsville Girls Lacrosse.

“I think it will definitely be an adjustment, especially because this year we have a smaller team; we will only return 11 players next season. But I think it’s always an adjustment. Your seniors are your leaders; they are who you rely on when the game is on the line. You want the ball in their stick. You want them to want it. This year, it’s no different. Our seniors have stepped it up and provided so much leadership to our team. That being said,  I also know that the junior class will step up when the time comes,” said Bailey.

After losing five seniors last year, including three of the four starting defenders, the coaches brought on four new members this year, including junior Camryn Getner and sophomore Savannah Beaver. Junior Rory Black also returns this year after being out last season with a concussion. There are two freshman on the varsity lacrosse team this year: Bella Dunnigan and Kolby Weedon.

“Being one of the only two freshman on the team made me nervous at first. The team is so friendly…spend a practice with them and you’ll instantly feel like you can be yourself,” laughed Kolby Weedon, a freshman mid-fielder committed to play at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Senior Brittany Stevens summed up her four years playing varsity high school lacrosse and sees the end as a bitter-sweet opportunity. Stevens will play lacrosse at La Salle University next fall.

“Being a part of this program for four years has been such a great experience. Now that it’s my senior year, I’m excited to open a new chapter at La Salle, but I’ll never forget my Comet family.”