In the Running for States


Evan Gough, Staff Writer

The Cross Country team of CHS is very excited about this upcoming fall season. Runners, whether veterans or newbies, are hopeful for personal gains and fun experiences.

Coach Fusco, a cross country coach for two years, is thrilled about this upcoming season.

“Regarding the big invitationals,” he said “we want to make our presence known as our comets continue to soar!” Representation is important, but also, the performances in races are key principles in accomplishing the goal of “beating the opponents in the end.”

This striving team works as a family to gain success no matter what placement they fall under.

Jackson O’Dell, a current senior, has been running since freshman year.

“I enjoy spending time with my teammates.” This is important to him as he needs them to help him achieve his goal. “I want to beat my pr.” A personal record, a crucial achievement is what makes runners like O’Dell feel good about themselves after a good race.

Coach Ruzin, the cross country coach for six years, knows the key to success behind the team’s invitational meets.

“To be able to run long distance six days a week with no breaks in the physical and mental demands takes real determination.” This helps the runners to become stronger and to adapt more with their running.

Long distance is a lot more than just running. O’Dell points this out when he states how practices are “really fun but hard work.”

Sam Young, another senior teammate of O’Dell’s, agrees with his coaches.

“Practices are for building yourself up so that you can compete the best you can,” he explained. Overall, the practices within this unique sport help players to contemplate their success in achieving the athlete’s personal goals and records.

Young and O’Dell are currently enjoying their last year as varsity runners because this will be their last year.

“It is a lot of fun to have people kind of look up to you,” stated O’Dell.

Young feels the same way.

“Having the chance to be a legend to the freshman” is what he loves the most.

Both of these athletes promote the idea that practice may be hard work, but with the support from teammates and coaches, the hope for achieving one’s personal goal becomes more of a legitimate reality.

Their coaches have the same idea and belief.

“XC is the best sport because it is an individual pursuit, running, which is an addictive life-long and empowering activity to engage in,” Coach Fusco said.

Both of the coaches believe in their runners, they believe in the morals of cross country, and they believe that if the Catonsville Comets continue to put hard work in, the could be in the running for states!