Honeybun Smackers Brings A New Flare to Catonsville Breakfast


Nick Lorensen and Li Chen

Brainchild of Brion Murray, Honey Bun Smackers is becoming a popular Baltimore breakfast option. Honey Bun Smackers come in many different flavors with the same great cost of $8.  

The two most popular selections are bacon or sausage. Both are topped with honey buns and breakfast pebbles either chocolate or fruity. 

Honey Bun Smackers has come several times to CHS in the past few weeks. They usually appear in the morning at the J-Lot from 7:20-7:45 am. There has been a couple of occasions when they come after school. They arrive around 2:20 and leave at 2:35 pm 

The hype around his arrival is always full of excitement around CHS.   

“Yes, I love it and I get very excited every time he comes back to Catonsville with a new flavor,” sophomore Andre Griffen explained. 

The product has a lot of attention around different Baltimore schools. It is headlined by one of the most popular breakfast pastries, the “honey bun”. which is an iconic grab and go breakfast. It’s a sweet roll and can be found in lots of grocery store and common convenience stores. 

As junior Yoseph Assefa said “Yea, because it was very sweet, like a dream”. 

“I had the creative mind set to always do something different so that’s how they came about,” mentioned Murray on the creation of the Smacker.  

Honey Bun Smackers started getting much attention when Murray started selling them in high school. He went to Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Northeast Baltimore. 

He hopes to grow the business and positivity through the city. Murray has hopeful plans for growing outside of Baltimore in the future. 

Make sure to always check out his Instagram story (@honeybunsmackers) for his location. Murray usually comes to CHS around once a week.