The Importance of Young Voting

The Importance of Young Voting

Adam Scotti

Rayner Reinhardt, Staff Writer

As this year’s midterm elections come to a close, America is once more reminded of the civic duty that seems to haunt most of our adults—voting. With political polarization at an all-time high and a younger political movement on the horizon, CHS students have been speaking out about their right, and the rights of their peers, to vote.  

“Many countries aren’t lucky enough to even have elections, so why wouldn’t young people want to vote? It’s easy to get politically informed, now more than ever,” senior Ava Metzbower said.  

Easy access to social media and news platforms have made it convenient for young people, and all people, to learn what is going on in today’s political atmosphere. With the click of one button, you could know a candidate’s entire platform.  

“There is no excuse for not being informed; it’s an issue of not caring, which needs to be changed,” Metzbower continued.  

Voting is rather downplayed in America. Many adults, whether they vote or not, don’t seem to realize the implications of their ballot. It’s easy to forget that issues like gender equality, climate change, gun control, and even the ability to vote, are directly influenced by who you vote for—or don’t vote for.  

“Young people are pioneers for future change. The issues that are being talked about are going to directly impact us for most of our lives. You may not care now, but what about in a couple years when these votes still matter? A lot can change in a year, especially for people our age,” senior Astrid Jensen said.  

In 2014, only 20% of young people voted in the midterm elections. While those who don’t vote often assert that their vote wouldn’t matter, a five times increase in the amount of young voters could make a difference in certain states.  

Senior Caitlin McCormick said, “[Young people] are a big part of the population that is eligible to vote. People need to know that their vote does matter, whatever it is for.” 

Although the 2018 midterm polling data is not completely gathered yet, it’s been observed that young voter turnout has soared during early voting. It seems as though young people are finally realizing the importance of their vote, and what exactly they can change. 

But those young people still sitting out the polls are unconsciously letting older generations decide some key issues.  

“We’re the next generation, and if we don’t voice our opinions, we’re going to have to deal with the problems and views of the older generations. So, we have to start early and show support and interest in the system,” sophomore Nate Frenkel says.  

As high school students, we must realize that the future is ours. Why shouldn’t we fight for what we think is best for it? The future of the economy, the environment, and this country’s education will all impact us without a choice. What we can choose, though, is to vote.