Sophomores Sponsor First CHS Color Run

Sophomores Sponsor First CHS Color Run

Nikitha Mupparaju, Staff

The color run is a 5K untimed course to raise money for the Class of 2021. The race starts at 9:00 am with runners showing up an hour or so earlier.

“The course for the run goes around the perimeter of the school. I doesn’t touch the actual track but it goes around the edge of the property,” fundraiser organizer Rebecca Mello commented.

It is essential to register early. If you sign up before 5/5/18, then you can receive a race bib and a t-shirt. The items will be at the registration table on the day of the event, but if you need it prior to the race than you can get it from there.

“I’m really excited for the color run. But, last year I forgot to register early so I couldn’t participate. I’m gonna make sure to register on time this year,” freshmen Eve Sullier commented.

Early registration for children under the age of twelve is $20.00. Normal registration is $25.00. If you don’t want to participate you can also donate to the race instead. The donation ranges anywhere from 5-50 dollars.

“I love color runs, my mom and I go running together frequently. This will be a great bonding experience for both of us,” sophomore Allison Lindter shared.

The course will include “color splash zone”. The color splash zone will be where the participants are covered in color. After the color run, a final color toss celebration will be held.

Ms. Mello decided on the color run after she saw a Facebook advertisement.

“It was a Facebook advertisement, And I looked into it! There is a company that is called “My School Color Run” and they supply everything!” fundraiser organizer Rebecca Mello commented.

Much of the credit goes out to Ms.Mello, because she planned almost everything.

“Students have helped where they can, but adults have to talk to companies and have conversations with them” Rebecca Mello observed.