Spirit Week Traditions, Rules an Annual Concern


Jack Corcoran and Rayner Reinhardt

Spirit Week is an age-old CHS tradition. The week takes place before Homecoming and has a series of festive themed days during the week. Although it is a time for fun, it is not a rule-free event.

With change in administration starting in the 2015-2016 school year, existing policies about the Spirit Week have been more strictly enforced. Tagging, the intentional painting of other students, continues to be banned, along with spray and face paint.

“We try not to make rules that are unnecessary; we don’t make rules just to make rules,” assistant principal Eric Eiswert said. “The rules have a purpose, whether it’s destruction of property, or not hurting other kids. We have to be very strict and fair.”

Many students understand the administration’s efforts, but there are concerns on their part as well.

“I think tagging is a tradition, but I do understand that it can get out of hand . . . But there are some ways we could have tagging that’s not harmful, like swiping people with a marker. I don’t think that’s bad,” junior Astrid Jensen said.

Sophomore Felicity Voss agreed, saying”[Tagging] can bring people together; it’s a fun tradition.”

Other members of the student body feel differently.

“I don’t really like tagging and all that stuff . . . it kind of ruins [Spirit Week],” sophomore Awel Mabil.

Spirit Week now differs from what it used to be, when tagging was a tradition.

“My freshman year was the last year they did class color day towards the end of the week . . . it was better than now; they ‘PCed’ all of it,” Class of 2015 graduate Colin Corcoran recalled.

Many students were concerned that Spirit Week wouldn’t happen this year because of the events that took place last year. Members of the 2017 Senior class vandalized the J-lot with purple, their class color, spray paint. This included lighthearted remarks, such as “Seniors Rule,” but there were also vulgar comments.

“Kids are kids; they make mistakes. That senior class realized how bad their mistake was because destroying property will never be accepted,” Mr. Eiswert said.

The event “took away from Spirit Week,” according to Jensen.

“What they did was bad, but, it didn’t hurt anyone, so it wasn’t as bad as some of the other things that happen,” Rogers stated.

Despite last year’s bump, Spirit Week is returning for the eager students.

This week’s days consist of Class Color Day, Character Day, Throwback Day, Wacky Tacky Day, and Comet Color Day.

“I’m really excited for class Color Day; it just brings the whole class together and it’s fun to go all out!” Jensen said.

The different days are what make the fun for the students.

“I can’t wait to see what character day is like. I think it’ll be cool to see what everyone comes up with,” sophomore Evan Rogers said.