Why CHS Teachers Became Teachers


Katrina Bucher

Mr. Doug Albright

Most people tend to believe that teachers have a deep passion for what they choose to teach. Love literature? English teacher. Love biology? Science teacher.

But what makes a person choose to teach, instead of finding another job that revolves around their ‘field of expertise’?

As students, we personally witness the hardships that teachers go through everyday and frequently wonder to ourselves, “Why did they choose to teach?”

“At first, I didn’t want to teach. I only chose to become a teacher after many people told me that I’d be good at it,” said physics teacher Louise Mrozek.

Algebra 2 and College Algebra teacher Gabriela Brown started teaching for a similar reason. While math wasn’t her best subject, she enjoyed it throughout high school and college. She started to tutor others, and realized that her experience of struggling helped her teach others who were in the same position.

For other teachers, teaching was always their dream. English 12 Christy Kontos always wanted to teach because of her passion for literature. Through teaching, she hopes to pass her passion onto her students.

Spanish teacher Will Grome and history teacher Steve Young both discovered that they wanted to teach while they were in high school.

“In high school, I had really good spanish teachers and they inspired me to want to teach as well,” Mr. Grome said.

AP Government and Economics teacher, Doug Albright, on the other hand, chose to become a teacher because of the convenience while being a parent. Albright, not having to worry about money because of his wife’s income, suggested that teaching is a great family job because one gets weekends, the summer, and even snow days off.

“I think high school students are engaging . . . and funny. I taught middle school social studies for twenty-five years, and I think high school is definitely a better fit for me,” said Mr. Young.

High school is a different sort of age group. Unlike elementary and middle schoolers, high school is much closer to adulthood. This factor is what many teachers were attracted to, and why they chose to teach high school.

Because she wanted to engage in meaningful conversations with her students, Mrs. Kontos chose to be a high school teacher at an early age.

“I love to be creative, and I want to share that with students who can understand,” Mrs. Kontos said.

On the other hand, Mr. Grome wanted to teach high schoolers for a different reason. He feels as if he connects better with high schoolers because of their maturity. Taking this, Mr. Grome wants to be able to have a part in shaping their lives and building their character.

Mr. Albright chose to teach high school because one can talk to them more like adults. He felt as though he could have “real” conversations with his students. Another reason teachers want to teach this grade is, according to Ms.Mrosek, that they are on the “brink of the rest of their life”. She feels as though her teaching will contribute or affect their life the most.

One thing that was common between all these teachers were the motives for teaching. All of them wanted to help their students be the most successful that they can in their future. They believe that this is the most important time of their life, and we’re definitely glad they decided to be teachers.