CHS Students Excited for Winter Break

Evan Gough, Staff Writer

Winter Break is a time to regenerate, relax, and to get into the holiday spirit. At CHS, students all around are becoming excited for for this year’s break, which falls between December 23 and January 5.

Students tend to travel in this time of year, but many stay at home to have a simple, relaxing holiday experience.

Senior Crystal Sanders, is excited for her winter break for one main reason. “I’m excited to sleep!” Sanders states enthusiastically.

Some students such as seniors Vina Duong and Nicholas Eff and junior Belle Douglas spend their Winter Break at home, getting things done and being with their friends and family.

“I usually catch up on homework or reading assignments; very rarely do I go out,” Duong stated. Sometimes a break from school, isn’t necessarily a “break” from school for her.

Senior Nicholas Eff, stays home, but works a lot.

“I usually stay home during winter break, lay under a Snuggie and do nothing. However, because of my job this year, I’m sure I’ll be on my feet more,” he said.

However, student Belle Douglas doesn’t experience stress during the holiday season.

“I’m most excited for relaxing time during the break,” she said.

Some students travel to visit family, or to just get away. Junior Natalie Bock celebrates the holiday break by first staying at home, but then goes to Ocean City with her cousins for New Year’s.

Many students enjoy spending time with their family during the holidays. They use the time to create cherished memories, show gratitude, and build relationships with one another.

“I celebrate Christmas with my whole family” Duong explained. She takes time over the break to see 10 cousins, 12 assorted aunts, uncles, and grandparents, and her immediate family.

“It’s very hectic, but I love it,” she explained.

Douglas, compared to Duong, would rather celebrate the holiday with just her immediate family. Same as Douglas, Eff traditionally celebrates his holidays with a small group of important people in his life.

“Having small get togethers with friends and family,” is what Eff enjoys the most.

Bock on the other hand, enjoys it when her whole family gets together.

“I celebrate Christmas with my family. Normally someone has a really huge party with all my relatives,” she said.

Seeing friends and siblings return college is another thing students look forward to. Duong is very excited about seeing her boyfriend, whom she hasn’t seen since May. She’s also excited for the unknown possibilities that she could encounter.

Students express similar feelings towards the New Year. A New Year is a fresh slate, a time to try new things, to improve one’s performance, and to meet new people.

“I want a fresh start to get organized, to be happier, and to be more relaxed,” Douglas explained.

“Who isn’t excited for the New Years? Everyone loves a fresh start,” expressed Eff.

However, the New Year’s celebration is still some time away, and many students still have cleared calendars.

“I currently have nothing planned for New Year’s, but I will find a party, hopefully,” said Sanders.

All of these students are very excited to be with family and friends, to relax, and to experience the holidays in their own traditional ways. Getting away from school is needed for many students in order to get themselves refreshed and ready for the New Year.