Why Gen Z Might Not See a Light at the End of the Tunnel


Backlight of a teenager depressed sitting inside a dirty tunnel

Nate Frenkel, Guest Writer

As with every generation before us, we have waited to grow to the age when creating change is finally possible for us. We were born and raised in one of the fastest changing societies, a society that has emerged into the digital age, a society that has begun to give women their due, a society that is beginning to recognize the difference between sex and gender.

But, for all of its glorious advancements, both tangible and intangible, this society still greatly enjoys the degradation of its youth. You tell us we are lazy. You tell us aren’t resourceful. You tell us we spend too much time engulfed in technology. But when you grow up in a world where the thought of extinction is real and thrown in your face every day; when you have to bare the weight and the consequences of all of the horrible decisions your parents and grandparents made; when you are made responsible for saving the world from the destruction your own kin caused before you were even born; when you are inaccurately diagnosed with mental health disorders because your parents would rather shove a pill in you than take the time to deal with your energy; when you are not only living in fear of climate, but of the spread and rebirth of deadly diseases discovered and created by your older kin; when you grow up in the age of technology, the age where communication is constant and ever-present in the palm of your hand, but are told that it’s wrong to not be fascinated and enthralled by such technology; when you are constantly being hovered over by helicopter parents, but are then questioned why you take no initiative, when the constant pressure of getting into college and starting a good career is being heaped onto you like three tons of bricks because higher education is now required for more jobs than ever, but you are then ridiculed for not being strong enough to resist breakdowns; when the literal fate of humanity rests on your shoulders, then you will understand why sometimes there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel and why every path leads to depression and chaos in the mind.

Only then will you be able to understand why sometimes hiding from your problems is more appealing than facing the dark reality that we live in.