Generation Z: Terrified


Alexis Kahler, Guest Writer

With every generation comes new personalities, ambitions, struggles, and contributions to society. My generation, Generation Z, is in what most people consider the most important time of our lives, the transition from child to adult. While trying to navigate through this complicated world, Generation Z often faces harsh criticisms and judgements for being “snowflakes” and “offended by everything”. But when you are told that your home is dying; when you are handed years of smog and toxic waste with no end in sight; when you are forced to live your life paying for the environmental mistakes made my those who were meant to set an example for you; when you can’t sleep at night, always haunted by the possibility of being shot and killed at school; when you wake up and are swarmed with a rush of anxiety of whether you’ll see your family at the end of the day or not; when the government has failed to protect you from the violence it can prevent; when you have been looked dead in the eyes and told that you weren’t good enough because of your gender; when you are told that the mental demons that stare you down every day are something that you need to just suck up; when you have felt the shame that comes with the price of loving freely; when you are constantly valued because of a number on a screen and not the heart in your chest—then you will understand the tendency to be offended. As a generation raised on technology, homophobic, sexist, and racist comments come from all around the world, at any time and any place. Many people seek refuge on the internet for their harmless comments, but they aren’t harmless. After a friend takes their life, saying you’re going to kill yourself isn’t a joke anymore. After a massacre at a school, snarky comments about gun rights and mental stability aren’t a joke anymore. No one can understand the severity of a situation like a person in the midst of it. It’s not fair for anyone to degrade the relevance and importance of what Generation Z is going through. We’re not “snowflakes”. We’re not “offended by everything”. We’re terrified.