Defense of Generation Z


Beverly Bolster, Guest Writer

My generation, Generation Z, wants to “save the world” by solving the problems that the previous generations have left as ours to handle. However, we resent the fact that older generations are still living, still capable of beginning to solve these problems, but what are they doing? Nothing—besides fighting and creating more problems. Perhaps it is easy for older generations to say, “Grow up.” But when you have watched reports of deadly school shootings with tears of devastation streaming down your face and a sickening fear growing in your stomach that you or your friends or your family could be the next victims; when you are afraid to walk down the street by yourself because those who are “grown up” don’t seem to have boundaries and see you and your body as something they can take as they wish, and you only know of a world in which those in power dismiss people who bring to light these disgusting behaviors; when you can’t imagine a political environment without hate and corruption, and you feel that your voice and your vote are useless in making any significant changes; when you are told that the thoughts inside your head telling that you aren’t good enough are not real, that you have just imagined them or that you are just being dramatic; when you can’t dream of your future without seeing suffocating weights of college debt forcing you down; when you fear that if you have children, they may (if you’re lucky) have a world to grow up in, but your grandchildren certainly will not—then you will understand why we are afraid to “grow up.” We already bear the weight and pain of so much that all we can do is hope that just one problem will be taken off our collective plate before we are forced to accept the unprecedented responsibilities that will come with our generation “growing up.”