The Jonas Brothers Return with ‘Sucker’

The Jonas Brothers Return with 'Sucker'

Rayner Reinhardt, Staff

Anyone from ages 15 to 21 is sure to know who I mean when I say “The JoBros.” Back in the mid-2000s, Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas bounded their way to fame with the help of the Disney Channel. If you were a true fan, you stuck with them through the run of their own Disney show, “Jonas L.A.,” and you even know who the Bonus Jonas is. In 2009, the band officially split up, and the three brothers went on to pursue separate careers.  

Joe had some success with his band DNCE, Nick as a solo artist and sometime actor (Jumanji, anyone?), while Kevin got married and had two daughters. But all that changed last month with the release of the reunited Jonas Brothers’ new single, “Sucker.” According to Insider Magazine, on February 28, Joe posted a pic on Instagram that looked suspiciously like an album cover, with the caption “Midnight ET #Sucker” and a link to their new song, which came out at midnight on March 1.  

The brothers spent the next week co-hosting “The Late Late Show” with James Corden, giving him an exclusive interview to explain their reunion, while also promising an upcoming album and tour. Nick revealed that they have been working together for the better part of a year, keeping everything under wraps until this big surprise release. 

As for “Sucker,” the song is upbeat and fun, with pop and dance sounds that are reminiscent of both Joe’s and Nick’s individual endeavors. Nick has snagged the role of lead singer this time, a difference from old JoBros music, but his voice and Joe’s accompany each other well without battling for dominance. The brothers sing about their dedication to and head-over-heels love for their lady loves, claiming “I’m a sucker for you.” What a sweet way to make their comeback! 

What’s truly impressive is the music video for “Sucker,” which features the three singers and their lady loves (Kevin’s wife Danielle, Joe’s fiancée Sophie Turner, and Nick’s new wife Priyanka Chopra). The video, filmed in an English castle where Queen Elizabeth I grew up, is artfully done, fanciful and romantic, and the ladies with their elaborate wardrobes and hairstyles have a starring role. Something particularly interesting was the power the women held in the video; we see the men falling head over heels for these women, and not just because of their good looks. We seem them laughing and having a good time with the JoBros—maybe the decade break that we all hated was good for them and their relationships! 

The rhythm is upbeat but edgy, a definite difference from the cute, cliché romance songs they released in their teens and twenties. Seeming like all three men are deeply in love, they can offer a new perspective more mature than their previous adolescent admiration. 

“Sucker” debuted in the U.S. at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and sold almost 90,000 copies in its first week. This impressive feat promises even more exciting things to come for—and from—the Jonas Brothers!