‘Creed 2’: A Sequel 30 Years In The Making


Adam Carroll and Nick Lorensen

Creed II was a sequel over 30 years in the making. The premise of this film revolves around the 1985 hit Rocky IV, in which Russian boxer Ivan Drago kills American boxing legend Apollo Creed and then is defeated in a later match by Rocky Balboa.  

Fast forward to three decades: Apollo’s illegitimate son Adonis has made a name for himself in the boxing world, both as heavyweight champion and as Apollo’s son. Meanwhile, Ivan’s son, Viktor, has also been making a name for himself and he has challenged Adonis to a fight. 

One great thing about this movie is that it went into detail about both Adonis and Viktor’s motivations for winning the fight. Adonis was hell-bent on avenging his father’s death, while Viktor was trying to restore honor to his family name because Ivan lost his reputation after the fight with Rocky. It resulted in a lot of great tension that moved the film forward.  

The film also puts more emphasis on Adonis. It highlights the challenge of balancing his lucrative boxing career and his family life. He’s had a very eventful life in the film. In addition to his upcoming fight, Adonis got engaged to his girlfriend, Bianca and learned that she was having a baby. It also showed Adonis’s obsession with his fight to the point that he starts becoming disconnected from reality. 

Rocky, on the other hand, was more of a sideline character, indicating that he’s passing the torch to a new generation of stars. Rumors that this might be it for Rocky were further fueled by an Instagram post by his actor, Sylvester Stallone. 

It also shows how much of a toll that the events of Rocky IV has taken on Ivan. As previously mentioned, after his loss to Rocky, he lost everything. The extent of how much it affected him was profound. He was living in exile in Kiev, Ukraine and his wife left him. It was a dramatic fall from grace for him. During the film, watching Ivan trying to help his son achieve more greatness than he enjoyed was really a touching part of the story. 

The training scene was also very intense. It took place in a location where as Rocky put it, “a place where fighters are reborn.” The extensive training Adonis went through coupled with the background music made the audience feel an adrenaline rush. It also gave Adonis a much needed boost of confidence before his fight. 

Compared to the original Creed, this installment was much better. It had a thicker plot with more tension, Adonis had a bigger chip on his shoulder, his training scenes and fight scenes were much more intense, and he was a more complete boxer after gaining some more experience. 

In conclusion, Creed 2 was truly a family affair. It was a perfect blend between old and new that helped carry on the feud between the Creed and Drago families. It truly lived up to its hype and if you plan on going to the movies anytime soon, this movie is worth every penny. 

Verdict: 9/10