Governor’s Election Affects Students


Adam Carroll and Nick Lorensen

On November 6th, Marylanders will go to the polls to determine whether incumbent Republican Governor Larry Hogan or his Democratic challenger, Ben Jealous, will be in the Governor’s Mansion for the next four years.

For the past four months, the two candidates have been arguing about many issues pertaining to the direction of Maryland. One of the more controversial debate topics is education, with Governor Hogan saying that it’s in the best position it’s ever been, while Jealous is claiming that under Hogan’s leadership, it’s been faltering and slipping down national rankings.

Governor Hogan says one of his biggest priorities is education. According to his campaign website, he has committed $25 billion to education and has funded education at record levels. On top of that, he is endorsing a referendum which would ensure some casino revenues are dedicated towards things such as school safety improvements, more mental health counselors, and more school safety officers. In addition, Governor Hogan has signed a bill into law which makes tuition for community college free for underprivileged people, as well as signing an executive order which shortened the school year and extended the summer break to Labor Day.

Ben Jealous, however, paints a very different education. According to his campaign website, Maryland has slipped down to 6th place from 1st during the time Governor Hogan has been in office. He says under Hogan’s leadership, education funding has been cut. He also tried to tie Hogan to President Donald Trump’s controversial Education Secretary, Betsy Devos. He also blamed Hogan for problems like BCPS having to close several schools due to a lack of air conditioning. He’s proposed a 29% raise in teacher salaries, funding money to achieve universal Pre-K, and ensure the Annapolis follows through on its pledge to divert casino revenues to education funding.

In conclusion, the main thing to take away from this is that regardless of who you support, education is a big issue. Even though the two candidates disagree over the state of education here in Maryland, the two do seem to agree that education is an important thing based off their policy positions. It’s also important to realize the just how much local elections affect us, arguably even more than federal ones.