March 14th Walkout Was Successful


When asked if the Parkland students would change anything with their march, former VP Joe Biden, said “Watch, I did it…they’re going to win,” meaning they’re going to win over the hearts and minds of the American public, letting them know of the horrors and tragedies that gun crime brings. This was the shared goal of the subsequent March 14th walkout across the nation, including what occurred at our very own CHS.
So, what defines a successful protest? While those on the opposing side call the student walkout unsuccessful and pointless, and mention how it ultimately won’t change anything on a national scale, there are a few reasons why this is wrong.
Young people make up the new generation, and if we don’t flex our muscles now, we might never have a voice. It’s like if you plan to start saving for a retirement fund at a young age, you’ll be set. But if you don’t start saving young, you’re screwing yourself. If we don’t start acting while we’re young, our hopes of changing ANYTHING, whether it be gun control or anything else, are out the window.
All over social media, both conservatives and liberals are talking about gun control and the effectiveness of these walkouts. Even among our own student population, those who consider themselves staunch pro-gun advocates are posting all over social media and starting conversations in comment sections. Even if they think they are bashing the cause and making fun of ‘snowflakes’, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. What they are really doing is allowing the conversations to thrive and attentions to be grabbed.
Having participated in the walkout, students found an aspect of personal success that isn’t necessarily linked with the government’s action, or in this case, inaction. This is something that people who chose not to walk out cannot, and will not, understand. It was an affirmation of our beliefs, that until innocent people stop dying, the war on guns MUST continue. Even though walking out is usually frowned upon, the fact that this was a dignified protest does not let it take away from the personal gratification gained from walking out.
Reflecting on March 14th, 2018, we think of a day of change: students thrown into political activism, students energized about the cause, students starting to forward-think. This level of political interest is completely unprecedented with our generation and is a warning sign to politicians seeking re-election soon when faced with NRA donations and pro-gun legislation.