J.K. Rowling Tests Fans’ Loyalty

J.K. Rowling Tests Fans' Loyalty

Stefana Avara, Staff

With a large fountain drink and over flowing bag of butter-doused popcorn in hand, I settle into the dark movie theater and wait for J.K Rowling’s latest creation to unveil. Needless to say, Rowling’s seemingly unmatchable creativity and imagination became evident few short minutes into Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As the first scenes roll out, viewers are instantly reminded of all eight of this film’s famous predecessors. In this Harry Potter spinoff, Rowling ditches Harry and Hogwarts for Newt Scamander and the Big Apple.

The film, set in New York City, offers a big name cast including Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller, and Colin Ferrell among others. Redmayne plays the story’s wizard protagonist, Newt Scamander.

The beginning of the film was predictable and unoriginal in comparison to Rowling’s usual imaginative approaches. The cliché, two people drop their suitcases and accidently pick up the wrong one, later to find that you have the other person’s belongings (or in this case, the other person’s magical beasts) was simply disappointing—especially coming from an author as previously creative as Rowling.

Scamander’s suitcase filled with ‘fantastic beasts’ ends up in the hands of Jacob Kowalski, an aspiring baker and non-wizard. While under the watch of Kowalski, Scamander’s beasts escape the magical suitcase and begin wreaking havoc throughout New York City. From unthinkable creatures to entertaining special effects, the journey to regain the magic suitcase and capture all of the escaped beasts creates an enthralling adventure for both the characters and the audience. Despite a captivating story line, this uninspired movie seems like a test of fan’s loyalty and simply lacks the heart found in other films produced by Rowling.

Not nearly as family friendly as Rowling’s previous films, this movie presents some heavy issues including child abuse and multiple graphic murders. Younger audiences will most likely appreciate the amusing antics of the magical creatures, but might be frightened by the darker, more violent scenes that occur numerous times throughout this thriller.

Overall, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them offers an enjoyable adventure for more mature audience, yet remains overall unimpressive in comparison to Rowling’s previous works.