Comet New Year Resolutions


Logan loza, Staff

New Years has arrived, and it is now the new decade as well. With the arrival of the new year comes the always popular resolutions. Here are a few resolutions from classmates and others for ideas and possibly inspiration. 

One kind of resolution is to get better with management of time for many life reasons such as time for extracurricular activities. 

The first is from junior Ethan Gulbert. He wants to” get better at time management” so he can fit more plans in his week and be more productive with his work. 

 Another type of resolution is keeping a positive attitude for the year and have good wellbeing. 

Sophomore Maxine Maeve wants to “improve my mental health and find stability.” She wants to keep a good wellbeing and try to have a happy year.  

Maeve‘s resolution is one of the most common resolutions. Second is to try and get out more and get with friends more often. 

The fourth comes from senior Nathan Lippert who wants to “hang out with friends more and get together with family”. Lippert wants this year to be full of excitement and being closer to people around him 

Probably the most common is getting fit in the New Year and setting fitness goals for yourself. 

Junior James Athas wants to ”go to the gym more.” Like the classic resolution, he wants to change himself and promises to better himself. 

Senior Joshua Blasy he wants to be able to “run 3 miles a week to get in shape.” Blasy wants to get more physically active to look and feel better in the new year. 

On the other hand, junior Payton Kwon said “I want to get better with studying and need to study more seriously.” He wants his academics to be better and to stay more focused on the matter. 

So, with the New Year finally here, we get to change for the better, so good luck to everyone this year and Happy New Year!