Congressman Cummings Leaves Impression at CHS


Nick Lorensen, Staff

Due to Congressman Elijah Cummings earlier this school year, on April 28, Congressional District 7 will have a “special election” for Elijah Cummings seat in the House of Representatives. The district will get their first new representative in 23 years. 

Congressman Cummings, aside from his contributions over the decades, was in the news of late for being called out by President Donald Trump. Trump called the 7th district a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,” going on to say, “no human being would want to live there.” Cummings response was stronger than ever, uniting the city and helping to strengthen the effort to impeach him out of office. He instantly went right to the problem and began cleaning it up.  

The front runners for his seat include his wife Maya and former NAACP President Kweisi Mfume. 

Mrs. Cummings ran for governor in 2018 but dropped out due to her husband’s health. She’ll probably follow with the same policies as her husband, but it is not known for sure. 

Her main competitor, Mfume was the CEO and president of NAACP for eight years. Originally named Frizzell Gray, he changed his name to what means “conquering sons of kings” in a West African dialect. Mfume will probably focus more on the racial tension in the United States and won’t have that long of a term because of his old age.  

For either to be elected, they’ll have to be loved by their district like Congressman Cummings. He won 12 straight terms and had loads of loyal followers 

He also was very involved with youth, with several mentees in the Baltimore area. Two of his mentees were seniors Maddi McLean and Deborah Tadesse. Both worked under Cummings in the past year and attended at least one of the ceremonies the week after his death.  

“The attendees were already in tears and throughout the eulogies/ceremony. It was bittersweet” said Tadesse. 

They were joined by American royalty at these events in former Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and their first ladies Michelle and Hillary. Both the men had eulogies for the senator, speaking very highly of him.  

“I was moved by their caring words for Cummings. It made me happy that they came out to support the congressman and the city he loved most,” said McLean. 

The greater Baltimore area and House of Representatives will never forget Congressman Cummings’ impact. Catonsville High School and the greater Baltimore community will miss his help with the community.