Juniors Participate in SAT School Day


Samantha Meek, Staff

On April 9, all CHS juniors took the SAT exam during the school day with BCPS paying for the full cost.  

The SAT assesses upcoming college students to see if they are ready to attend college and can also provide colleges with one common data point to compare all college applicants. 

The test is considered high stakes because scores can affect college acceptance, as illustrated by the recent scandal about the wealthy paying tests for their kids to be fixed to get accepted into high-ranking colleges.  

According to Khan Academy, it`s important to be prepared for the SAT, and preparation depends on how often you practice and practice tests you take before the real thing. It`s important to: 

  • Diagnose your skills early on-So you can be ready in time before the SAT so it`ll get easier 
  • Take practice tests-You can take them inside of school or out to help you practice at beginning and end of studying 
  • Study outside the box-You don`t just have to use inside school lessons. You can learn many other things from outside of the school 
  • Take a break the night before the test-It`s important to rest and not fully stress yourself out before the test. Boost your confidence. Don`t study at the last minute; could produce a lot of stress and lower your confidence.  
  • Set yourself up for the test-Get plenty of rest, eat healthy, and get your supplies, and most importantly, stay positive. 

Junior Alexander “Alex” Thomas saw the April test as a good college prep experience. 

“I felt a little nervous but, confident to get it over with but, for what I did, I think I did well,” he explained. 

Some students might have done some outside work English and SAT classes to have a better test advantage. 

“I didn`t really study but, we did a lot of assignments to prepare for it,” Thomas shared. 

Some students might agree as well, including junior Seaden Crowley. 

“It felt long and tiring but, I think I did decent,” he said. 

His teachers already prepared him for the test in their classes. 

“We usually have to study but we also had to take simulation tests and practice tests to get ourselves ready,” he shared. 

Some students even had the SAT Prep, a class held for the year to cover both the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing part of the test and the Math part of the test.  

“I felt confident and ready for the SAT. I have been really relying on the SAT Prep and taking test practices. We even had a SAT Prep on a Saturday to help me pace myself,” junior Jared Adams explained.