Robotics Competes in Task Challenges


Mira Loomis, Staff

The Robotics club has been a club at CHS for many years. This club starts the year with designing robots to be entered in a competition. Last year, the students were tasked to build a robot who could lift a foam VEX star and be able to drop it over bars that were each placed at a different height.

The students are split into groups who are all given the rules and guidelines of the robots that they have to design and build for the competition.

Project Lead the Way teacher Robert Oehrli sponsors the Robotics club.

“My goal is to be able to have my kids take what they learn in the classroom and be able to apply it to real world solutions,” Mr. Oehrli stated.

The projects and activities for this club are chosen by VEX Robotics, and all of the materials used are provided by VEX Robotics.

Many of the students in the Robotics club have been participating since their freshman year, so they know what it’s like to be new to the group.

“Don’t get overwhelmed on the very first day. On the first day, you can talk about a competition or some new designs but just know that it’s your first year so you can mess around,” junior Joshua Noguera advised.

The Robotics club is not all about creating your own project.

“It’s more of an experience of learning how to problem solve, work on a team and such,” sophomore William Stevens informed.

There are many types of learners that find the Robotics club a great fit for them, for example.

“If you’re a person who is very hands-on and needs something visual to see, then it’s definitely fun,” sophomore Grayson Barshick added.

Currently, the robotics club is trying to brand themselves and make themselves more known to the rest of CHS.