Students Earn High Amounts of SSLH

Students Earn High Amounts of SSLH

Denaijy Dorsey, Staff

In order to graduate from high school, you have to meet certain requirements like taking and passing the HSAs for Government, English, Biology, and Algebra. You also have to put in work outside of school to order to graduate by earning Student Service Learning Hours. Student Service Learning Hours are earned when you help out your community or an individual. Each student has to earn the minimum of 75 SSLH in order to walk across the stage with their class in June at graduation.  

There are many small things that a student can do in order to earn the hours that they need for success. 

“I volunteered at a summer camp over the summer. At the camp, I watched the kids, helped entertain them, helped to keep them safe, and I just helped them with stuff. To get my hours I also did some babysitting and helped at a daycare,” freshman Kevin Buck explained. 

Buck currently has a total of 537 hours, 477 of which he has done through his activities over the summer and outside of school, and the remaining 60 he earned in the classroom. Because of this, he is the freshman with the most hours earned independently. Buck has earned more hours than sophomore Mariam Abraham with her 341 hours and sophomore Maddie McLean, who has the most amount of hours, 403, in the her class. 

McLean earned 403 hours in total starting in the 6th grade. 

“I worked with my mom a lot in projects like the Nights of Peace, food drives, and movie and pizza nights for some of the sports teams at CHS. We just do a lot of non-profit organizations, like from doing anything from going to the Catonsville Men’s Homeless Shelter to doing food and clothing drives for the soldiers in Afghanistan. I learned a lot from my mom about giving to the community,” McLean said. 

Giving back to the community is the point of students being required to earn hours. Someone can learn a lot about their community and the tasks you do will follow you through college; service hours look good for applications if you want to get into a good school. 

In the junior class, Brooke Mariner has the most hours with 410 hours independent of school and 505 overall.  

In the senior class, Alicia Buck has the most hours in total in the school of 781, and Dale Riley has the highest amount of independent hours in the school of 676.  

“I’ve had plenty of jobs. I worked at Hot Skates, I cleaned the skating floors, I helped with the little kids if they were to fall , and I organized some things. I also worked at the YMCA for around 4 years, I supervised the kids when they were playing and during pool time,” Riley stated. 

SSLH can be done in multiple ways, from having an actual job, to helping at shelters, supervising or babysitting kids, or ultimately giving back to not only the community but giving back to soldiers by having clothing drives and food drives for the soldiers. 

By doing service learning hours, you can make a big impact on the community like McLean and her mother has by not being selfish but selfless.