Are Class Dues Too Expensive?


Daisy Arroyo and Eden Beyene

Many students are unaware of their class dues until they attempt to buy prom tickets. Even those who do know about these fees are not quite sure why they exist.

For those who don’t know, class dues are payments student make to help pay for junior and senior prom and senior picnic. Students are required to pay $20 each year, or $80 total their senior year. Although classes may also fundraise, dues also help to offset the cost of these costly junior and senior year events.

Is this a reasonable expense, or too steep a price for students who have other fees?

“It makes sense that we have to donate money that goes into the school, but it’s so much of it,” senior Zeal Goolesby said.

Senior Mathew Ager agrees. He doesn’t appreciate having to pay expenses like class dues on top of paying for prom tickets and his cap and gown.

“[Fees] could be a little cheaper. We as seniors are on the brink of adulthood, and we have expenses to pay other than school expenses. We don’t exactly need to spend like $20 or $30 on… school expenses,” said Ager.

Other students don’t think the fees are expensive at all.

“[School expenses] wouldn’t be too much. You should start saving senior year. It’d just be money that would be taken out of the savings that you have for college,” senior Asinia Agyemang said.

At the same time, Agyemang acknowledges at dues are expensive at face value.

“Having to pay $80 in a public school is a bit much,” Agyemang said. According to senior class advisor Ms. Torena Brown, however, class dues are already cheap.

“I’ve come from a school where class dues were $450… Here you pay $80, and you get everything. You don’t have to pay for anything other than your junior prom and tickets for your senior prom,” Ms. Brown said.

Even the $80 doesn’t pay for all what it is supposed to: the senior prom and picnic.

“The prom generally runs about $40,000… That’s about $90 per person,” Ms. Brown said.

Although students do not appreciate paying, class activities such as prom have to be paid for in some way. Ultimately, the price of class dues is a balance between affordability and covering expenses.