Society of Women Engineers Supports Female Students

Society of Women Engineers Supports Female Students

Mira Loomis, Staff

The Society of Women Engineers is a new club that was started by juniors Erin Kreis, Riley Sherwin, and Elizabeth Simpson. SWE meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school at 2:30. Tech Ed teacher Kevin Bochinski sponsors SWE.

Even though it is called the Society of Women Engineers, anybody can join this club. The overall purpose of the Society of Women Engineers is to encourage more women to have engineering interests and increase the amount of opportunities for success in the engineering field.

The main focus of SWE as a club is to help the young women of CHS boost their confidence and become more comfortable with pursuing a career in engineering. In the past, women have not been given the same engineering opportunities as men, so SWE is trying to encourage everyone to support women engineers not only in the U.S, but all around the world.

“I look forward to having a group of female students who can bond together over something we all see as a possibility for the future… It’s an environment that not any other club has here” founder Kreis proclaimed.

For some, the club was created to fulfill a passion.

“I get a new way to express my engineering ideas instead of just a classroom… and everyone gets a say in this club,” Sherwin mentioned.

The first project that SWE is working on is a Rube Goldberg machine. Rube Goldberg machines are a complex collection of random objects that all contribute in a continuous sequence of actions that work to achieve a simple goal. This project will be entered into a competition that many other schools will participate in.

“Possible other projects include the electric car plus a couple others… normally the projects will change from year to year or they will have different twists added on to them that make them slightly different from the previous year” Mr. Bochinski indicated.