The Return of AP Art History

Katrina Bucher, Staff Writer

It’s not often that CHS adds a new AP class, so it’s news when one is added. Recently, the art department offered students a new class, AP Art History. Taught by art teacher Al Grosso, AP Art History focuses on the style of art in each era, and the development of modern art.  

In the past, the class has struggled to get enough people to sign up. In past years, the numbers have been 9-13 students so it wasn’t offered. This year, the administration wanted to give it another try, and there are 15 students taking it currently.  

Junior Caroline Ingle really likes how the class is structured, and she decided to take it because art is something she’s really interested in. 

“It’s the most college-like class I’ve ever taken in high school because it’s a lot of lecture, and we go in depth. I decided to take it because I want to do something with art in the future,” Ingle explained. 

Mr. Grosso, art teacher at CHS, has taught AP Art History in the past, and he really likes the historical analysis of art the class offers. 

“I love both world history and art history. The two run side by side and are very intermingled. They influence one another,” stated Mr. Grosso. 

Junior Ava Metzbower enjoys learning about specific time periods of art. 

“We go into different aspects of different art periods, and how the influenced each other, which is really cool. You start to see factors from past art in today’s art,” Metzbower stated. 

Mr. Grosso also describes how the history is actually really interesting and shocking to what most people think. 

“Students carry much more out in their heads, such as the Mona Lisa was never delivered to the person who commissioned it. Da Vinci took it to France, where he fell out of popularity in Italy. Details like this are super interesting, and students really enjoy learning about it,” shared Mr. Grosso.