Students Get into Cars with Strangers

No Drivers License? No problem.


Stefana Avara, Staff

Since 2009, millions of students across America have traded in their car keys for an app: Uber. Uber, among many other taxi-like services including its popular competitor Lyft, offers safe, cheap transportation to those who can not drive themselves.

Students throughout CHS have mixed reviews about the companies’ services.

After setting up a profile and ordering a car, students have the opportunity to receive rides to and from any location. Before booking their rides, users have the ability to view previous reviews and on drivers in the area.

“Uber is convenient; it gives students security in knowing they have a way to get home,” said sophomore Grace Dillingham, a loyal Uber client.

Many students here at CHS ride crowded, loud buses to school each morning. Despite an unenforced age requirement stating that passengers “must be at least 18 years of age, or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction (if different than 18), to obtain an account,” many minors here at CHS found a more comfortable way to travel to and from school through Uber.

“I actually ubered to school today… I Love Uber and I’ve heard some interesting life stories from my drivers,” said senior Ryan Bucher.

Although there have not been any significantly traumatizing experiences from students at CHS regarding their experiences with Uber, some students just don’t feel comfortable with the concept of driving around with a complete stranger.

“When I was younger my mom would always tell me to ‘Never get into a car with a stranger,’ and I guess I still live by that rule. There’s something unnerving about getting into a car by yourself with someone you’ve never met before,” junior Molly Buettner added.

While Uber does require background checks for all of their drivers, some students remain skeptical about getting into a car with a stranger.

“I guess it’s sketchy because you never know who’s going to pick you up, It could be someone with misguided intentions,” said sophomore Elizabeth Simpson.

Nonetheless, Uber’s impact on our school community seems to be overall convenient and beneficial, giving students the opportunity to travel around, even without a driver’s license.