Homecoming Vandalism Undermines Spirit Week

“I guess some people took it too far.”

Homecoming Vandalism Undermines Spirit Week

Stefana Avara, Staff

On the evening of Monday, October 3, the evening before Class Color Day, various students met up at the parking lot off of Valley road in an attempt to display their class’ school spirit. The night took a turn for the worse however, when certain participants brought out spray paint cans and began vandalizing the CHS junior parking lot, also known as the “J-lot.”

The group of students, composed of primarily of fall-sport-playing seniors, decorated the J-lot using various purple-colored materials including plastic cups, streamers, and spray paint.

“We brought some purple cups and streamers; we were just going to put some cups in the fence and decorate the railings, but I guess some people took it too far,” said one senior present that night.

The next day, underclassmen and school administrators were appalled by some of the confusing and tasteless slogans that defaced the pathway leading from the student parking lot to the school building. The junior lot was also vandalized with spray-painted messages.

“Tushal’s tea party? That doesn’t even make sense; it has nothing to do with school or class spirit,” said junior Grace Pound.

While some of the vandalism was school-spirit oriented including lines saying “Class of 2017 up next,” and “Dragons,” the senior class’ mascot, other expressions included phases like “1 bite,” and “Catonsville is the most lit town, every night someone’s throwing down.”

Assistant principal Eric Eiswert offered specific advice to the senior class, the class for which he is the administrator.

“I  really love the senior class, and I know that most were just trying to show spirit. Hopefully, this will be a life lesson that you have to be careful about what you get involved in and you need to know the limits,” he explained.

Some seniors who were not involved felt victimized.

“I just don’t think it was fair to all the seniors who weren’t involved. The senior class as a whole got a pretty bad rep; I personally believe that this was the worst Spirit Week since I’ve been here,” senior Nate Chambers remarked.

As a result of the vandalism, students were unable to park in the J-lot Tuesday, October 10 because the lot was closed for re-painting.

Most of the seniors who took place in the activities on the night expressed regret at their decisions.

Eight students received suspensions for the paint vandalism and multiple others were questioned about being present and were not allowed to participate on their sports teams for a short period. The painted messages on the walkway from the J-lot were able to be power-washed away.