Elves Promote Local Shopping Initiative


Rayner Reinhardt, Staff Writer

The holidays are among us! Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are all quickly approaching. And you know what that means . . . shopping!

New this year, the Chamber’s Business Promotion Committee has created the Elves in the Ville program to encourage local shopping in downtown Catonsville. This program is part of the Shop the Ville campaign to remind people to shop local for the holidays.

“When you shop local more than 50% of the money spent stays in the community,” Co-chair of the Business Promotion Committee Kristen Leister said.

The program is advertised on the billboard next to G.L.Shack’s in downtown Catonsville. The program is regularly posting the next locations of the elves on the Chamber website and Facebook pages, in addition to the We Love Catonsville Facebook Page.

Each week, Monday through Saturday, starting November 16, 2015, different Chamber member businesses will be displayed these elves somewhere in the store. Six different businesses each week display elves.

Some of the businesses participating are Blue Iris Flowers, Edible Arrangements, Chef Paolino Cafe, Sugar Bakers Cakes, and Appalachian Bluegrass.

Catonsville is encouraging shoppers to come on down and search for these elves in each store. Once an elf is found, the shopper can fill out an entry form and drop it in a ballot box. Winners will be selected from the elf seekers.

Winners will receive a collection of $25 gift cards, donated from each business that participated that week. The more elves a seeker finds, the better chance they have at winning! Each week, the winners will be announced on the We Love Catonsville and Chamber’s facebook pages.

“I think the idea is a wonderful way to support local businesses and the community,” Ms. Leister explained. “There are gifts for your pets, gifts of fitness and fun, jewelry, food, travel and hobbies all right here in town. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook your own backyard.”

And while you’re out there searching for elves, you may even find some other gifts for the upcoming holidays! It can’t get much better than this! All you gotta do is go out and shop the ‘Ville, find some elves and win fantastic prizes!

The contest ends on Saturday, December 19. Make sure you support downtown Catonsville in the holiday season and participate in the Elves in the Ville Program.