Is TikTok the New Vine?


Emily Bekiaris, Staff

TikTok, formally known as, is an app we all know and may or may not love. Despite your feelings on this app, you cannot argue with its continuing and increasing popularity with its 500 million active users, according to Oberlo. Known for its ability to share and repost your content for others to use, for some, the TikTok app gives us nostalgia as we reminisce about the past of the app that is no longer with us, Vine. 

For those who don’t remember, Vine was a short-form video hosting service where users shared six-second-long, looping video clips. Although it may seem impossible to do anything remotely funny in six seconds, hundreds of people made it possible. The last time this appeared on our screens was on January 17, 2017you probably still know many Vines by heart and are able to recite them from memory today. The content was random and had nothing to do with anything, but it still brought joy to our lives. Much like TikTok? 

When looking into the apps similarities this is where the controversial question comes into play: is TikTok the new Vine? 

Junior MiMi Yun believes that Tiktok is a viable candidate for it being the new Vine, it only makes sense. 

TikTok could be the new Vine. They’re both really similar,” she stated. 

From its complete randomness to its looping videos, the two apps have a lot in common.  

“The only reason a person wouldn’t see the difference is because they haven’t taken time to actually give it a chance. It’s more than just music stuff, it’s comedy. It’s everything. It has every genre. Like Vine. They’re both completely random,” Yun added. 

On both apps, you can find content that suits whatever type of comedy you enjoy, whether it’s dark humor or dad jokes. The probability that you don’t find something you enjoy is slim to none.  

Despite the similarities the apps share, Isaiah Ibarra, junior, stated, “Tiktok just isn’t as fun as Vine was. If you just watched a TikTok video than a Vine one, you can clearly see the difference.” 

This can be true. Upon viewing videos from either app, there are many differences when looking at the mechanics of it all.  

Like stated previously, Vine had six second looping videos, and that was it. You could say and do whatever you wanted –as long as it fell under community guidelines—and that was it. TikTok, however, is known for its lip-syncing. You can use other TikTokers audio and make turn it into something new, which is a feature Vine never had. 

Another notable feature Vine lacked are the series of filters and effects TikTok uses to enhance videos. This could be because Vine videos didn’t have enough time to have any additional effects, but on TikTokyou can go to sixty seconds on a video, another big difference between the two. Perhaps, this why Ibarra thinks TikTok isn’t as fun as Vine was. 

The drastic time difference is why TikTok doesn’t have the same feel as Vine. It took a certain type of creativity in trying to make people feel something in under seven seconds, and that’s why Vine could be held in a higher respect thaTikTok. 

Of course, these are just opinions, but what do you think? Is TikTok the new Vine?