Being an Only Child or Having Siblings: Which is Better?


Julia Engles, Staff

Whether you’re an only child or you have five siblings, you might find yourself fantasizing every now and then about if you were an only child, or vice versa. Which situation is better though? Multiple CHS students were asked about their thoughts on having siblings to answer that question as best as possible.   

People with siblings swear that only children have it easier, but in the eyes of only children, that’s not always true. Think about it, there’s no siblings to blame for your wrong doings, it’s hard to do anything rebellious when you’re the only child parents have to focus on, and worst of all: you’re their guinea pig for testing what works because they have no prior experience to you.  

Sure, being an only child has its benefits too, like never having to fight for control of the television or having privacy when you’re home alone.  

“I like being an only child because my dad told me that if I had siblings, I wouldn’t have everything that I have now. I know it’s just stuff, but I like having my makeup, clothes, and shoes,” senior Katie Hawrylak explained. “Also, if I had a sibling, we wouldn’t be able to go on vacation every year because it’d become too expensive.” 

Senior Kaiya Watkins added her thoughts on being an only child. 

“I’m used to being alone at home, so when it comes to sharing or being outgoing, I’m lacking those traits,” Watkins commented. 

Alternatively, Watkins mentions that she likes having a choice in when she interacts with people.  

“I can stay home and keep to myself, or I can go out and be social with friends,” she said 

study actually suggests that only children don’t score as high as children with siblings in “agreeableness”. However, only children do show higher levels of “flexibility” which is indicative to higher levels of creativity.  

There are many opinions around only children. Senior Mariam Abraham, who does have siblings, commented about any differences she notices between only children and herself.  

“They are all different. I think it just depends on how their parents raise them that makes a difference,” Abraham explained. “I notice they get away with more. and they are able to do more stuff since it’s only them, and they can usually get their way”. P 

It’s apparent that whether you are an only child or have many siblings, there are benefits either way. Each has their own special thing that they excel at. With only children, it tends to be creativity, and in child with siblings it is frequently agreeableness. Both traits are desirable, so no matter your sibling situation, you have the ability to make the best of it