Funny Christmas Stories


Logan loza, Staff

Christmas is celebrated across the globe, and many students and staff have had weird or funny experiences during the holidays. 

The first story comes from junior Mark Federline. 

“I was playing with my dog, not looking in front of me and knocked over the tree. Not a lot of the ornaments were broken, but I still got in big trouble. The funny thing is my dog still wanted to play and it killed me.” So, for Mark, he found that he needs to be more careful around the tree, but he still got a laugh out of it. 

The second story comes from senior Brandon Pryor. 

Ian (Sterling) and I started driving from Tastee Zone, and Feliz Navidad came on the radio, so we all started screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs.”  

The third story is from sophomore Paulina Aler and her experience with the YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts during the holidays.  

“One year, me and my sister made clay ornaments at school, and when we were putting them up, one of us dropped it and it broke it into pieces. My mom repaired it with super glue. She put it together and held it so the glue would dry and stick, but when she went to give it back it was stuck to her hand. I screamed to get the nail polish remover, because I saw on 5-Minute Crafts that can help remove super glue. So eventually she got it off with the nail polish, and 5-Minute Crafts saved my mother life.” 

Another story comes from math teacher Nancy Saks. 

“I had asked for a bike for Christmas but was disappointed to find that when I got one Christmas morning it was an ugly olive-green color. My family put it in the garage after I received it, but when I went back to ride it the bike was gone,” she explained.  

Eventually the person who stole it gave it back after his grandparents told him to, but I was almost glad it was gone and wanted him to keep the ugly thing. My parents returned the bike when I told them I didn’t like the color though.” 

The last story comes from senior Ian sterling and simply put “I woke up Christmas morning excited to open my presents, and found my German shepherd laying on my presents and crushing them.” 

So, we hope you got a laugh and enjoy your wonderful holiday break to create new memories you won’t forget.