Celebrating National Horse Day


Samantha Meek, Staff

Some national days are ones to celebrate animals, especially dogs and cats. We celebrate how important they are to us; how they came into our lives, how we domesticated them, how they`re the most loyal and sweet animals in the world.  

We have days for dogs and cats, but let`s not forget a day for a very special animal: the horse.  

Horses have been one of the most beautiful animals in our earth, coming in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Horses have been acknowledged for their speed, strength, and beauty 

This is why we celebrate National Horse Day, which is December 13. National Horse Day celebrates the historical and cultural contributions horses have created from the beginning of time; it was made to acknowledge how much horses have impacted our lives not just historically and culturally, but mentally as well.  

People enjoy riding these beautiful creatures because they just help us to forget our struggles and stress. Riding them can help individuals enjoy riding; they allow us to forget what is behind us as we learn how to work with one. 

The website Independent describes how horses are known to read a human`s facial expressions moods and share these similar feelings; If a person is happy or smiling, the horse will respond in a positive way, but if the person is sad, scared, etc., the horse will react in a negative way. They also have great hearing and memory when they hear your voice. 

Horses have been used to do farm work, living as livestock, or transportation, serving us in wars, riding, but also for therapy. Horses are special animals for therapy because they can give immediate feedback on owner or person who rides them, according to the Anxiety Treatment Center. 

Animals, especially horses, are very special uses for therapy, building strong connections between man and animal. Equine therapy has helped hundreds who are experiencing depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc.by increasing a rider’s confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, emotion regulation, and helps reduce stress and anxiety and increases the oxytocin, a natural chemical that promotes positivity and connection, according to the Newport Academy. 

So, whenever you want to celebrate National Horse Day, go outside and ride like the wind. A horse is a wonderful friend to have.