CHS Shows Christmas Spirit


Caitlin Blair, Staff

How do you help someone who’s lost their Christmas spirit? You must nurse them back to elf!

According to Pew Research, 92% of Christians celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, and a new survey also finds that 81% of non-Christians in the United States celebrate Christmas. However, many people get in the Christmas spirit almost “too early.”

When you think of Christmas, you think of a bunch of red and green ornaments on a huge Christmas tree. You would think of Santa delivering presents to kids on his sleigh, being led by rain deer. Leaving out cookies for Santa to eat and waking up with presents under your tree.

You may even drive past a house that already has their Christmas decorations up in October. However, some people hate the idea of celebrating Christmas early and don’t want to skip all the other holidays.

Freshman Skylar Bacon believes that Christmas should start once December begins. She doesn’t know why people start celebrating or decorating stuff for Christmas so early. She also believes that Thanksgiving is put aside when it comes to holidays, right after Halloween people get into the Christmas spirit.

Sophomore Sadie Wetheral celebrates Christmas with her family and friends. They buy presents for each other and receive gifts.

“The best part is seeing their face when you give them their presents.” Also, she agreed that other holidays are skipped.

“They skip over Thanksgiving and Halloween, and just skip over all the holidays when they are important too.”

Sophomore Makaila Bierley hates Christmas being shown early.

“I feel like it should be shown in it’s month and not a whole month earlier.” she explained. She also puts up decorations about two weeks into December.

Math teacher Loraine Newberry dislikes Christmas due to how it is over displayed. She thinks other holidays are shown less compared to Christmas.

“At my house, nothing changes, but at my family’s, everything changes,” she thinks Christmas explodes after Thanksgiving. She likes Christmas because of the family aspect but not the spirit.

These students and teachers think that other holidays are skipped or being shown as less important than Christmas. All of them agree Christmas should only be shown during December so Thanksgiving and Halloween are still important, even if it is the superior holiday. Happy holidays!