CHS Band Offers Opportunities


Caitlin Blair, Staff

Catonsville has many opportunities for students to form new interests, have new hobbies, even create a pathway for a new career. And the CHS music department is one of the school’s strongest.

Most kids started playing in their school band as early as elementary school, then they carried it through middle school. Many are happy to attend CHS to continue their musical development because the school offers so many specialized options from playing steel drum to be a member of an orchestra.

This is all to their advantage. A statistical analysis shows that high school students receive a significantly higher grade than students that are not in band. Another shows that students who are in band have an improvement of hand-eye coordination.

“High school students who take music courses score significantly better on math, science and English exams than their non-musical peers, according to a new study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology,” explained an article at

Senior Claire Doll is a dedicated flute player in the Symphonic Winds. She was involved in All County, the Pit Orchestra, and Steel Band. Doll mentioned that she enjoys the harder music and can relate her Orchestra and Steel music to her other music. She has learned a bunch from playing different music and it even improves her learning as a student.

Senior Will Darby is a trombone player in Symphonic winds. Darby has tried out for all-state, and was part of AMA, (American Music Abroad). He emphasized, “Band is really nice, fun, and kind of relaxing.” He gets a break from all his academic classes and finds it a great skill to have.

“It’s kinda a nice skill to have, to play an instrument and make music,” he said.

Doll and Darby are two students, along with many others in the band, that find it as a break and time to enjoy music during that period. Band is a time to relax and work hard to learn new and fun music as a group.