Wonka For Laffy Taffy!


Caitlin Blair and Olivia Peters

Laffy Taffy has been one of the most popular candies in the U.S since the 1970’s, when it was produced as “Beich’s (Name Of Flavor) Caramels.” The name “Laffy Taffy” is based off the texture of the candy and the silliness of it as well; the jokes on the side contributed to the name. It is also a part of the Wonka candy world.

A recent CHS poll demonstrated that 156 of 200 students love Laffy Taffy. Students mostly favored the strawberry flavor out over apple, banana, grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, cherry, and caramel apple.

They also applauded the taste, quality, and price of the candy. With most giving the treat 4 of 5 stars, there was some different opinions about the candy. Some people stated that they did not like the candy at all, while others had comments about the other flavors.

“Banana is superior,” sophomore Amy Blank stated. She is one of many who enjoys a different flavor.

The comments and poll showed that banana was a close second to be the favorite flavor of the individuals who took part in the study, but the comments about the candy in general were very positive.

“Really good candy! I enjoy it!” sophomore Bentley Cech exclaimed.

Positive comments were more frequent with the participants, proving that it is more liked than disliked this candy. Overall, the data provided insinuates that Laffy Taffy is not only a great Halloween treat, but is also a year-round delight!