How to Manage School and Work


Caitlin Blair, Staff

Having good grades could make you successful in the future. But, so could starting a job earlier. However, sometimes it could be complicated to juggle jobs, and staying a successful student at once.

Studies show that having a job in high school can set you up to get an even better job in college, but the number of students with jobs has been decreasing since the year of 2000.

There can be many reasons for this. Some high school students still can’t deal with time management on their own. Also, the National Institute of Mental Health states that student’s mental health drops dramatically while having a job. This could cause it hard to focus or a lack of effort into their work.

Spanish teacher Kristina Mireles has an older son that finds it hard to handle a job and all other activities at once. He had to learn how to manage sports, school, and after school activities at once. He became exhausted because on weekends some days he would have to work till even 2 a.m.

Sophomore Aidan Hill has a weekend job. He said managing a job, sports, grades, and school isn’t easy for him. He found only it beneficial that he makes money, and he believes his grades would be better without him having a job.  He gets help managing his time because sometimes it’s hard working as a student athlete.

Also, sophomore Amy Blank said managing a job isn’t easy either. It makes her more tired and it is harder to sleep at night. It distracts her from school work, and other activities.

“I have to split time between jobs, homework, and hanging out with friends,” she said.

Both students mentioned they have learned more about time and money management since they have started their jobs. Also, it distracts the both students from school.

In conclusion, if you are looking to start a job as a student… time management is your main requirement in order to be successful.