‘NBA 2K20’… Best One Yet?


Nick Lorensen, Staff

September has come around again, which means another NBA 2K release. It came out to the public on September 6 and, so far, has not had a great response. 

The hashtag #FixNBA2k20 has been trending worldwide on both Twitter and Instagram, due to the servers kicking people off their online games.  

Junior Li Chen has become fed up with the game even saying, “You have to pray you have a good day before you get on 2K, so, your game doesn’t crash.” 

Other players like senior Josh Blasy think the organization is full of lies, saying “Ronnie2k [the owner of the organization] lied about the releases by telling customers about in game features that we later found out just to be a lie to make money.” 

Online players can play MyParkMyTeamMyPlayer and normal games. MyPark and MyTeam has been struggling with online players, but the others are strong as always.  

Virtual currency is also more expensive than usual. The 450,000 bundle is usually on sale for $80. This year it is at $100.  

The first major change the 2K developers made this year was adding women’s basketball. The women’s basketball community has had a positive response to the game, but normal 2K players see it more as a joke. There are no players ranked higher than 94 and you cannot edit the players. Also, you cannot trade or let any of the players dunk. I think this quite unfair.  

Other cool features include fighting animations in the middle of games, and the MyTeam wheel of attributes.    

My overall conclusion with this game, is only spend the $60 if you’re a diehard fan and want to play other friends. If you are playing just for fun, spend the $15 less on NBA Live 19 or $30 less on last year’s version and update the roster.