Cayla Coover: New Math Teacher at CHS


Mrs. Coover with some of the CHS Speech and Debate team.

Rayner Reinhardt, Staff

New math teacher Mrs. Cayla Coover is happy to be joining the CHS community and is “loving the atmosphere in the school.”

Coming from Old Mill High in Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Ms. Coover teaches Pre-College Math and GT Algebra 2. So far, she said that her students are “so polite and respectful!”

Ms. Coover has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from York College of Pennsylvania, and said she became a teacher because she “wanted to share [her] love of math with students.”

Outside of school hours, Mrs. Coover is the new Speech and Debate advisor. Even though she hasn’t been involved with Speech and Debate before, she’s eager to learn and help students thrive in the club.

Some of Mrs. Coover’s hobbies include spending time with her cat and her husband, and playing videogames like World of Warcraft or Minecraft.

As far as teaching goes, Mrs. Coover said, “The most important thing about teaching is to care! If you don’t care about how you are doing or what you are doing, you aren’t doing your best for the students.”